Facebook Shuts Down a Trademark Infringement Page

A Facebook page with 47,000+ members (fans) was deleted today.  The site used the Trademarked term “REALTOR” in an unauthorized manner Facebook.com/socialrealtors.

The owner, Jonathan Rivera  had been contacted by N.A.R. regarding the improper use of the Trademark. Jonathan said he was trying to reach someone at Facebook about changing the url.  Facebook didn’t respond, instead they deleted the site.


Two years of building a valuable site now gone.

Lessons to be learned?

  1. Pay attention when naming a business (fan) page on Facebook.  The terms clearly state the rules.
  2. If you are a REALTOR or a vendor who plans to use the Trademarked term, familiarize yourself the the acceptable uses of the term. No excuses here.

Jonathan Rivera sorry about your site, I’m sure you are heartbroken.  I know it’s not much of a condolence, but I’m sure with your track record you can recreate the site and it will be bigger and better than before, also in compliance!

Photo Credit: IStockPhotos

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